How to care for your Air Plants

What are Air Plants

The real name for air plants is Tillandsia.  They are referred to as air plants because they grow in mid-air and require no soil.  Although they are low maintenance,   you must still water them.  Most people believe they “grab” water from the air as needed but this is a myth.  Air plants are a truly remarkable plant species.  They symbolize freedom and creativity.   It is a must-have in any home or office environment.  Most of the air plants flowers and in some species, the green leaves change into a beautiful pink colour while flowering.

How to display them

These low-maintenance plants can be used both indoors and outdoors.  They are great companions at home, office, school, and add a green touch to any occasion.  Air plants can be displayed on its own or mounted to any holder.  We offer a variety of holders with stands to place on your office desk or any table.  The holders can also be hanged and mounted as you wish.  You can have lots of fun and become quite creative with these plants

Watering Instructions

1. Remove the plant from its holder (if any)

        Option a: submerge into water for 5-10 minutes

        Option b: mist plant soaking wet

2. Place the plant upside down to allow all the water to drain.  This is important as water is easily trapped in the center when left upright and can result in rotting.

3. Once completely dry, return the plant to its holder or display position.

Signs that you need to water more often 

- Curling or rolling leaves

- Browning of the outermost leaf tips

Tip: Rather water less frequently than too often. Watering too seldom is noticeable and the plant can recover from a little drought. Watering too often results in rotting and is usually noticed too late.      

Preferred Light & Air Conditions

- Bright indirect light, morning sun is acceptable but no afternoon sun as this is too hot.

- Artificial lighting in an office environment is fine.

- Natural or mechanical (aircon/fan) airflow is important

Air Plant care tips

- Any brown dead leaves can be removed by hand.

- Any brown dead tips can be cut off using a scissor, do not cut into the green.

- Roots can be trimmed using a scissor

Interesting Facts

- Air plants do flower, some will flower annually if they are in the ideal environment

- Air plants do multiply by making pups at the root.  Once the pup is about one-third the size of the mother plant, it can be removed and can survive on its own.

- Air plants make roots but the sole purpose is to grab hold of a host plant or hold onto a tree or holder to keep in place. The roots can be cut without harming the plant.

Tip: Air plants require airflow.  Be careful not to place the plant in a closed planter, the bottom must be open to aerate. 

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